Promotional Notebooks
Promotional Notebooks

Branded Notebooks

Branded Notebooks make the perfect promotional item. With bespoke printing or embossing to the cover – they are a great and cost-effective way to promote a brand. We have a range of options including full colour digital print. We also have enviromentally friendly books made from recycled papers and recycled cover materials.

And if you need help with designs and ideas then just ask, we'd be happy to assist.  Whilst many of the variations are discussed on the web site, if you have a particular requirement we can  find a way.




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Soft Feel Covers 

Contrast Ribbon and Elastic

with Pen Loops

Pens & Other Accessories

Flexible Cover 

Textured Covers

Wiro Bound Books

Branded Paper

Eco- Friendly


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Well Known Brands - Customised

MINIMUM QUANTITY 50 books and turnaround of 10-14 days.


We are proud of the quality of product and service in our bespoke printed notebooks and pads and believe they make a super promotional gift for exhibitions, events and as part of wider promotional activity. The beauty of a promotional journal is that it useful. As such, the notebook is retained, kept on the desk with the brand always in view. This means that the branded notebook acts as one of the best promotional gifts possible. 


Pavilion presents a range of products combining softcover books with contrasting colours and fabric covers. We have some environmentally friendly products using recycled materials. We also have access to famous brands including Moleskine and Pierre Cardin allowing your logo to be displayed alongside the most famous brands. Have a browse........

Talk to people who know

Branded Notebooks encompasses many promotional products and at first sight can seem very confusing. Pavilion believe it is our job to navigate you through the process. So why not give us a call and you can chat to friendly people who know the industry and who will help guide you to the best possible result - and maybe help save a little money on the way. Good design, is design that is effective, and the most expensive product is not always the most effective. A little industry knowledge can make all the difference so please drop us a line by email or give us a call.


Promotional products are great form of advertising but this in just out view - see what the main industry body the BPMA says and also the main industry body in the USA - the PPAI has to say on the subject:


Notebooks and the Environment

Exhibition giveaways and promotional gifts can be subject to criticism – accusations of wasteful, needless items adding to the waste stream. Here are some thoughts on that:


Promotional does not mean useless


Promotional goods items should never be ‘useless’ – if they are not items that are desirable, if they are cheap gimmicky items that will be tossed in a draw, then they do not serve the brand. The best products for the brand are those that are kept and used. The best products for the environment are those which are used and retained


Creating environmentally responsible products


As far as notebooks are concerned, you can choose products which are fully recyclable. We also have notebooks with recycled paper, recycled leather covers and recycled cotton covers.


Off-set – and environmental support


If you are really concerned about the carbon impact of any notebook then you have the choice to carbon off-set your purchase – we can organise this for you so that you can receive a certificate of off- set – check out projects like:


For further information about eco friendly promotional gifts why not visit our sister site www.pavilionearth co .uk 


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