Promotional Notebooks
Promotional Notebooks

Notebook Sizes

Paper sizes follow an international standard which we are all aware of:


                              A4 210mm x 297mm

                              A5 148mm x 210mm

                              A6 105mm x 148 mm


When is comes to note books the size may be as per the standard paper size but often they are not, and you need to check carefully. Often a notebook described as A5 can be marginally bigger or smaller.


Moleskine tried to set a standard (which they use) but it is not universal:


                              PK 90 x 140mm

                              XS 60 x 105mm

                              L 130 x 210mm

                              XL 190 x 250mm


There are variants for example one manufacturer has the PK or Pocket size as 93 x144mm and the large is a genuine A5. All of this may not matter to you – but do be aware.

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