Promotional Notebooks
Promotional Notebooks

Environment Friendly Books

It is possible now to create super looking products from recycled paper and leather - allowing excellent promotional products which do not damage the environment

For a full range of other eco friendly promotional products try here: ecofriendly promotional products


Italian styling plus environmentally friendly materials including recycled paper and leather


Using recycled leather to create beautiful looking products with true leather feel but minimal enviromental impact

Recycled paper notebooks

Made entirely from recycled paper and paper board.

Broadstairs' A5 Kraft Paper Notebook

Recycled Kraft Paper over board cover - fully biodegradeable

Downswood Cotton Cover

A5 enviro friendly notebook with a biodegradeable cotton over board cover

Appeeel Notebooks - covers made from Apples

Appeel is crafted from a patented technology using apple peel, vegetable fibres and sustainable pulp.

Napa A5 Cork Cover

A cost effective eniro friendly book using cork for the cover 

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