Promotional Notebooks
Promotional Notebooks

Branded Paper Pads

Lined, Plain, Black and White or colour.

The options are slim but the result is significent. Perfect promotional material for the office and for the company.


Pads have 50 pages as standard on an 80gsm paper. However, we can pad 25, 75 and 100 pages on various weights of paper, so we can easily accommodate you.


Standard sizes are A4 and A5 but we can do bespoke sizes as well.


We can produce large quantities within 7 days from artwork approval.

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Guide to Promotional Branded pads


The phrase promotional pad usually refers to a block of paper sheet which is ‘padded’ or glued. The pad can be of varying thickness – from a few sheets up to around 50 sheets and usually has a rigid board back. Paper is 80gsm as a standard but thinner 70gsm papers can be used although the cost saving is minimal and in our view the quality loss can be substantial.


Next issue is the printing – pads can be lined or unlined – since there will be a printed logo then there is in effect no cost for the lines on the pad. The logo can be full colour or just black and white. The savings from using black and white only are large but there is a significant drop in the impact of the pad as a promotional gift. We recommend a colour logo to one side only.


The size you choose is really up to you, but if you stray too far from standard paper sizes of A6, A5 or A4 then you will potentially add costs. This is because paper stock for the printer come in standard sizes and staying within the standard A size ranges will reduce the printers wastage.


Finally you can add a cover – these are usually a wrap over cover, glued to the grey board back. Use a paper stock which is a little heavier – say 160gsm – to give the pad a quality look and feel. 

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