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Promotional Notebooks

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Pavilion presents a series of Guides to Branded Notebooks - here we will add articles regarding the marketing and technical side of the subject. We always happy to hear from clients about any ideas they have for subjects you would like covered

Guide to choosing a branded promotional product for your marketing

According to the BPMA ( 70% of all marketers use promotional products as part of their promotional activity. The reason........

Guide to Notebooks - a History

It has become very fashionable these last few years to carry a notebook – ideally the black A5 notebook with a leather type cover and elastic closure....................

Guide to choosing a pad

The phrase pad usually refers to a block of paper sheet which is ‘padded’ or glued. The pad can be of varying thickness – from a few sheets up to around 50 sheets ............

Guide to Foil Blocking

Hot foil blocking or ‘hot foil stamping’ is a decoration technique used to give a metallic decoration. It is most commonly used with premium products including notebooks.......


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