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Guide to choosing a pad

The phrase pad usually refers to a block of paper sheet which is ‘padded’ or glued. The pad can be of varying thickness – from a few sheets up to around 50 sheets and usually has a rigid board back. Paper is 80gsm as a standard but thinner 70gsm papers can be used although the cost saving is minimal and in our view the quality loss can be substantial.

At first this quite straight forward of products seems limited in choice but actually there are lots of variations which can enhance appearance. Things like:

  1. Size – the size of pad can be anything from small A6 or DL (great for shopping lists) right up to A3 or larger desk pads (particularly useful for the person who doodles constantly!). Try to choose something within the standard ‘A’ classifications – it will help keep the cost down by reducing wastage at the printers.
  2. Colour – A lined pad for the conference room is fine but let’s think about the logo. A single colour logo will be the cheapest option but clearly will lack the impact of full colour. Your printer will advise you on the nature of the printing process. For orders of up to 50 pads a digitally printed pad may be the best, anything higher and lithographic printing will give the highest quality for lowest cost. The advantage of digital is that even very small runs can be cost effective.
  3. Padding – most pads are simply glued at the head to allow the sheets to be torn off easily. Not so common now, but still available, is a pad with a tape (usually black) at the head of the pad. This has a certain quality feel and was quite cost effective when many companies an automatic tape application system (often seen on Xerox machines).
  4. Cover – Finally there is the possibility of adding a wraparound cover. Choose a nicer, heavier stock paper printed for full colour for maximum impact. This option allows for single colour printing within the pad without losing brand impact by having full colour to the cover.
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